Wigs For Cancer Patients, Alopecia Sufferers, and Trichotillomania

Beautiful Custom Medical Wigs and Hair Prostheses

For Temporary or Permanent Female Hair Loss.

Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Trichotillomania human hair wigs, hair prosthesisReallusions Hair for Women is a leading provider of medical wigs for cancer patients, alopecia sufferers, and trichotillomania. Our custom medical wigs and hair prosthesis units are ideal for women with Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis.

Finding the right wig is important. Not only does it need to look totally natural, it also must feel and move in a totally natural manner.

Reallusions totally natural human hair medical grade wigs are preferred by many women (and men) who suffer from hair loss due to Chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and Trichotillomania.

Our finest quality medical grade human hair wigs give women the self-confidence to carry on an active social and professional life, while keeping their hair loss private.

Unlike fashion wigs found in retail stores or at the mall, Reallusions human hair medical wigs, chemotherapy wigs and hair prosthesis units are specifically designed for a woman with little or no underlying hair. They are also designed with a smaller cap or base and are made in such a way as to prevent sensitive scalp irritation.

Medical Wigs vs. Fashion Wigs

What is the Difference? Which One is Right for Me?

Let's face it: We've all seen too many examples of really bad wigs. Typical fashion wigs look like wigs, having been designed and produced will less than the highest quality materials and standards.

And of course it is impossible to hide poor craftsmanship. People notice when someone is wearing a wig that was mass produced.

When wigs are designed with the finest materials and craftsmanship and to the highest

quality standards, however, people will never know that they are seeing at a wig and not your real hair because it looks so totally natural.

Reallusions has always worked to ensure that our wigs are crafted and styled at the very highest standards. Reallusions wigs are only created with the finest human hair to ensure a light, comfortable fit with perfect styling and a natural, undetctable appearance and feel.

Female Hair Loss Today Show.

Michael Suba of Continental Hair in Toronto,

Ontario talks with Marilyn about Alopecia wigs.

100% Natural Human Hair Wigs

We take enormous pride in our natural human hair and European hair wigs. We know that there is nothing like a high quality human hair wig for the very ultimate in comfort and style. If you suffer from medical conditions like alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy treatments, our chemotherapy wigs are made from 100% natural human hair and are light and easy to maintain.

Styling a human hair wig is very much like styling your own natural hair. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair wigs allow you to style your hair using blowers, curling irons and rollers. Any styling you could do on your natural hair is also possible with our human hair wig. Unlike synthetic wigs with set styles that cannot be altered, our 100% human hair wigs are individually cut, colored, and styled exactly to your own personal preference. They may even be restyled or colored, just like your own hair.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

There is a range of synthetic materials that can be used when creating a wig. Medical quality synthetic hair wigs are a vast improvement over typical machine made fashion wigs.

Similar to our human hair wigs, the base cap of our synthetic wigs is carefully designed and tailored carefully to your head to ensure proper fit.

For those with alopecia and who have lost all their hair, medical wigs provide alopecia and chemotherapy patients a level of comfort that you simply cannot get from a fashion wig.