Is My Pillowcase Causing Me to Lose My Hair?

hair loss causes pillowcase shedding male femaleThere are myriad ways that Mother Nature lets us know we’re getting older. We start to notice an ache here and there. We may find ourselves holding that latest novel at arm’s length when reading. We may notice our hair thinning or even noticeable hair loss.

When it comes to hair loss, you can’t always blame it on your parents. We all know that we’re probably headed for thinning hair, or even complete baldness, if our parents had these physical traits. In fact, it’s even normal for everyone to shed up to 100 hairs a day.

But the genes we inherited from our parents may have bestowed us with male- or female-pattern baldness. Hereditary factors in your genetic makeup will determine how old – or young – you are when your hair starts to thin.

Pillowcases and Having Babies

The actual causes of hair loss are myriad. Age is but one possible cause, but other conditions, both physical and otherwise, can cause or accelerate the thinning of our crowning locks. Here’s a few of the more unusual causes:

Covid-19, Seasonal Flu & Hair Loss: Hair loss can result from certain types of stress, including the stress of having the flu. Being sick, and running a high fever because of it, can throw your hair follicles into shock. Your body pours all its energy into fighting off the flu bug, taking away energy from nonessential functions like growing hair.

Childbirth: If you thought the flu was sapping your strength, try giving birth! When a woman is delivering a baby, her body is using every bit of available energy to bring that little one into the world. Growing hair is not high on the priority list right then.

Tension and Stress: Putting too much tension on hair can also thin it. Pulling hair back into a tight ponytail puts pressure on the scalp and can damage hair follicles.

Failed Relationships: The stress of a broken heart can lead to patchy hair loss in men and women. The hormone upheaval of heartbreak can in some cases result in temporary hair loss.

Consider your Pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases are the worse. The inherent roughness of cotton fibers causes friction between your hair and the pillow’s surface. This can break the hair and wick away the natural moisture that keeps your hair nourished. Go for the satin pillows to help prevent this.

Should I Consult a Hair Loss Specialist?

If you notice your hair thinning, play it safe and check with a hair loss professional. It is always a good idea to rule out any illness before assuming we’re just getting old.

Whether you live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, or anywhere in between, if you are experiencing the devastating effects of hair loss and would like to learn more about non-surgical hair replacement options available to you, we invite you to consider scheduling a free private, confidential consultation with an experienced hair loss professional near you.

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