Membership in Transitions International Group

Marketing & Public Relations, Education, Networking & Support for Hair Restoration Professionals

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Marketing Assistance & Business Development
For the Hair Restoration Industry

Transitions International Group is the largest hair replacement and hair restoration professional membership organization in the world, offering leading edge marketing and communications assistance to independent hair replacement, hair transplant, and hair restoration studios and clinics, as well as business development opportunities through education, seminars, conferences, referrals, and our searchable providers directory.

Our annual members-only conference provides in-depth continuing education in the latest in business development and industry trends, marketing insights and one-on-one networking with other members. Transitions membership is limited to one studio or clinic per Neilsen DMA so that members can share freely.  We also offer a very popular, members-only online forum so members can connect and help each other.

To serve our members, we provide on-going support and programs to facilitate and enhance public awareness of proven hair loss solutions, both surgical and non-surgical, while fostering the highest professional and quality standards in the hair replacement and hair restoration industry.

Membership Has Its Benefits

If you are an experienced hair loss clinic or studio owner whose principal business is hair replacement, hair transplantation, or both, we invite you to consider joining Transitions International Group.